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Doing Things & Visiting Places: Civitella and more

Civitella in Val di Chiana is a typical Tuscan town, near Arezzo, near the most beautiful spots in Tuscany and Italy.


Even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe described Val di Chiana in his Italian Journey…
It’s not possible seeing fields more beautiful than these; there isn’t a single valley which is not worked perfectly (…). The wheat grows lush, and these lands have all the necessary conditions to make it flourish. (…) Legumes are sown too, which are now green, and bear their fruits in March. The flax is already sown; the winter with its cold weather and frost makes it stronger.

The beauty and charm of the cultivated land create like a frame to the village and cities among the most suggestive of all Tuscany, both for their architectonical and cultural beauty and their local traditions.


Within a radius of just 80 km from Civitella it is possible to reach the following renowned touristic places, that still preserve their history and traditions:

. Arezzo, 15 km

. Castiglion Fiorentino, 25 km

. Cortona, 36 km

. Siena, 50 km

. Montepulciano, 50 km

. Trasimeno Lake (Umbria), 55 km

. Pienza, 57 km

. Chianciano Terme (Baths), 70 km

. Città della Pieve, 73 km

. Florence, 73 km

. Montalcino, 80 km

…to mention just a few of them.


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